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Hello everyone!

So now you are going to read short story of my life till now, I hope that after reading you gonna subscribe or just don’t become my hater. So let’s start!

Now I am working almost four years as a programmer. I have started from GIS systems, „Autodesk“ products developing.

After that I started working as a WEB developer and I am working till now. At my job I am mainly working with .NET and PHP projects. My company isn’t making sites or something like that.

Most of my time I am working with big internal projects and that’s all about them.

Lets talk about my free time, it consists of two pieces.

First one is about sports because I am doing it from my young days. I have tried many things but at the moment I am not competing, at the moment I am doing it just for fun.

So as I sad, these days, at least three times a week I am going to gym, sometimes playing basketball with my friends.

Second part of me freetime is freelancing, I am developing websites, mostly with WordPress but it depends on prerequisites of the project but it is not everything. I am also working with various projects not about WEB, for example I am developing „MS Dynamics CRM“ system and creating plugins or solutions for customers.

So My blog is going to be about solutions of the problems, sometimes I gonna share interesting posts from other blogs. If I will find some time I gonna write about my recent expierences.

So subscribe me and good luck!


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