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Hello everyone again!

I am here again after two years… Yes I understand that it no worth to read it if blog posts are published like now…

Maybe you are wondering where I was during those two years? (it would be nice :)) I will try to tell long story short. Just to be clear why I am here again and whats happened till now.

Before two years I have grown as freelancer to that level that I have created my website and decided to start working on this more and more. I even have started writing blog! Those days were amazing I was full of energy, working on nights, building everything, preparing for going live.
After creating site I even got a project ( from my new website. The start was amazing!
After that I was having project after project. Couple of them were unsuccessful but they were great lessons for me.
I have understood many things how to start working with a clients, what kind of mistakes need to avoid and many other useful things. I am planning to explain it more detailed in next posts (not after two years!).

The main question that I want to explain in this post is why I am here back again?

The answer would be that I am again filled with that energy which was two years ago. What happened? I have changed my job. Started working in the new company. That was one of reason why I have disappeared. As you know I didn’t quit freelancing but new work and freelancing took all my time. I have stopped working on my site. I was getting works from my relationships.

In that hard period I got a chance to start working with great company from UK –
they hired me as a freelancer to work with their website. I was doing my best to do everything as good as it can be (nothing changed). Now I am working with them more than year and I think it is just a beginning.

So new big clients, big projects, new job took all my time but I am here and writing again!
This is because I understood that if I want to create something big I need other people to be involved into it.
I need to create something that would be alive even if I am not working because till that moment everything were alive only then I was working. During days and nights, weekends and evenings.

I have found one junior which was interested into it. I have started giving tasks for him. It was not easy because I was teaching him at the same time but for free. After one month working with him he offered me another guy.

Why not! Lets try! I will try to give work to him also. I have started pushing my tasks to my team members. They were doing „easy“ tasks and me focusing only on tough ones. It is great because we have have increased total hours each month Riard could sum in total.
Here you can see lines of each team member and the highest is total line:

Hours 2017


Try to guess which line is mine? 2017-03 is that moment then I have stopped working alone.

So to conclude everything I want to say that hard work is amazing thing but if you want to create something you need a team.
At the moment I am working on that. At the moment we are 5 members and I want more! If you are interested you can contact me and discuss with me. Why not!

If you or you company need a help in IT field just let me know also. At the moment I am working on joining new partners. I have two active offers and we are almost there.
I will let you know in the future how is going everything. I will share advises from my personal experience. See you!

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